La Creme Intensive Global Anti Aging Treatment

La Creme Intensive Global Anti Aging Treatment

size : 30 ml.

price : 3,890 baht

The exquisite modern gel-cream is designed to combat all signs of aging. An intelligent formula is infused with innovative NoHyal, a new generation of Hyaluronic acid which is more efficient than Retinol. Combined with organic Ximenynic acid-rich Sandalwood seed oil, this cream can reduce fine lines, improve skin tone, provide long-lasting hydration and increase dermal strength. While other organic extracts help retexturize and reveal more youthful and brighter skin. Moreover, French Melon extract provides the exceptional protection from aggressive environment with SOD, one of the most powerful antioxidants. Skin becomes rejuvenated. Past damage seems to recede, fine lines appear to fade away. Firmness, radiance are restored.

main ingredients

  • Sandalwood seed oil
  • French melon extract
  • Snake vine extract
  • Novhyal
  • Warratah extract
  • watermelon extract
  • Comfrey extract
  • Davidson plum extract


Apply 1 pump onto entire face, avoid eye area.